Last year in July 2016, I spent some time around the Promontory Mountains in Northern Utah. We were having an influx of Short Eared Owls during that time. They nested within the Sagebrush and grass. On one evening, while I was ready to drive home, I spotted this Juvenile Short Eared Owl, perched on the ground. I wasn’t sure if it was hurt or just hanging out; so, I hung out for a bit and photographed the Owl from my vehicle.

Angry Looking Short Eared Owl

While photographing it, the Owl would hear the clicking of the shutter, then turn it’s head towards my direction and cock it to each side, which turned out to be quite humorous.

During this time, the wind had been blowing off and on, which would result in Owl’s tufts appearing like ears above it’s head. It was near dark when these were photographed, so I had to use ISO1000 and 1/80 shutter speed. Finally, when there wasn’t enough light to photograph it, I went on my way and the owl flew off. It was a wonderful experience to witness this Juvenile learning to be on it’s own.

Short Eared Owl Portrait


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