Recent Sunset at the Great Salt Lake

I recently went on a drive to Antelope Island, located at the Great Salt Lake. It had been quite a long time since I had visited or much less seen a sunset(which are pretty amazing out there). I spent about 3 hours looking for birds and decided to stay till sundown. I’m really glad I stayed because the sunset that evening was really pretty.

E05A1521-2 (Custom)

Here’s a landscape version of the sunset:

E05A1530 (Custom)

Burrowing Owl Catching itself on a Plant

Here’s another image of a Juvenile Burrowing Owl from 2015. Photographed at sunset, as it flew on the plant(Mullein) and tried to catch its balance. I like how the wings are extended, revealing the detail on the underside of the wing.

I’ve probably over-shared on Owl images recently; as they’re what I have in the archive and most recently photographed. I haven’t really been out lately to find wildlife, but hoping to change that soon. Thanks for looking!

Juvenile Burrowing Owl on a Plant

2 years ago, around this time, I spent a couple days with a family of Burrowing Owls and during that time, a couple of the Juveniles practiced their flying. Out of the shots for one of the days, this one became my favorite…

I love smooth flow of the wings as the juvenile caught itself when landing on the plant.

Sunset at the Great Salt Lake

Several years ago, I enjoyed daily trips to the Great Salt Lake; whether it was at Salt Air or Antelope Island State Park or up North to the Spiral Jetty – that all changed once I moved further away from the lake. Now, I’m lucky I’m there once a year. So, sometimes I like to revisit previous landscape images I’ve photographed, of the Great Salt Lake.

This one has been my personal favorite; I remember standing on the shore, being bit by gnats, trying to maneuver the tripod to get the right composition. And then, I waited. Back then, it was easier to anticipate what kind of sunset would come out of the clouds, so I often was rewarded with beautiful colors, like the one below.

The sun had just dipped below the clouds, creating rays of light to shoot up through the high clouds, then I noticed how the rocks were lit up. And, with a GND filter, I was able to capture this scene with a slightly smoother appearance of the water.

Every time I’ve ever shared this image with others, they told me they had never seen a sunset at the Great Salt Lake or had never seen it look so pretty before. If you ask local Utahan’s if they’ve visited the GSL, most of the responses would be a, No. It’s usually stinky in the summer and full of swarming mosquitoes, so most people avoid it like the plague.

It should be noted that the Great Salt Lake is like a hidden gem; you have to observe it closer to see it’s real beauty.