Black Chinned Hummingbird in July

In July 2015, I got the chance to photograph a Black Chinned Hummingbird, who also had a nest attached to a limb on a tree. I had gone on a walk at a local park and took a dirt trail through a small forested area, where I heard a buzzing noise. I looked around, but at first didn’t see anything, yet I kept hearing the buzzing. Finally, I saw the Hummingbird dart past me and perch onto a limb. I stayed nearby for about an hour, photographing it as it darted and perched. At one point, the Hummingbird had perched on a limb, where the light hit it just right, creating catch light in its eye and a chance for a sharp image.

Male Wood Ducks on a Sunny Afternoon

I don’t have any images to share, so here’s one of a male Wood Duck, swimming in a local pond, on a sunny afternoon.

Wood Ducks are my favorite ducks, due to the beautiful coloration and patterns of their feathers. I’ve photographed these ducks many times, so now I think it’s time to find a Mandarin Duck.

Here’s another image of a Male Wood Duck: