Female Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Back in April, I went on a walk around a nature centerĀ in hopes of finding Foxes and while I didn’t find the Foxes, I did find a pair of Ruby Crowned Kinglet’s. I tried for several minutes to get a picture of the male, but he kept flying from limb to limb, so I settle on this shot of the female, who perched long enough for me to get some shots.

Ruby Crowned Kinglet Female

The male has a red patch on the top of it’s head; maybe next time I’ll get the chance to photograph one.

Portrait of a Rough Legged Hawk

Earlier this year, while there was still snow on the ground, a Rough Legged Hawk became a little famous. Several Photographers that I know were able to photograph it with success. As for myself, I was able to get a couple decent images, including this side-view portrait. Hawks are usually skittish and fly away before you get the chance to snap a picture; however this one was unusually tame as it would perch still for a few minutes, not caring about the vehicle parked nearby.

Rough Legged Hawk Portrait