Juvenile Short Eared Owl

Last year in July 2016, I spent some time around the Promontory Mountains in Northern Utah. We were having an influx of Short Eared Owls during that time. They nested within the Sagebrush and grass. On one evening, while I was ready to drive home, I spotted this Juvenile Short Eared Owl, perched on the … Continue reading Juvenile Short Eared Owl


Long Billed Curlew in Evening Light

Every Spring, the Long Billed Curlews can be heard across the valley of the Great Basin in Northern/Western Utah. If you can hear their calls, then they're either flying over head or wandering around somewhere nearby. I photographed this curlew during Golden Hour as this one and it's mate were foraging for food in the … Continue reading Long Billed Curlew in Evening Light