Recent Sunset at the Great Salt Lake

I recently went on a drive to Antelope Island, located at the Great Salt Lake. It had been quite a long time since I had visited or much less seen a sunset(which are pretty amazing out there). I spent about 3 hours looking for birds and decided to stay till sundown. I’m really glad I stayed because the sunset that evening was really pretty.

E05A1521-2 (Custom)

Here’s a landscape version of the sunset:

E05A1530 (Custom)

Driving the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

Today, on 6/10/17, I took a drive through the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway to see how it looked. Most of the snow is melted at around 7000-8000ft, while a great amount of snow still tops of the land at 10k feet. Maybe another month and the snow will be fully melted from the higher elevations.

The following images are Bald Mountain, Pass Lake, Overlook view, Provo River Falls and one of the many road side waterfalls coming out of the forest. All images were photographed with a cell phone. (I didn’t feel like using the real camera for roadside views)

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Sunset Point Panoramic at Bryce Canyon

In 2015, my son and I went on an adventure to Bryce Canyon. We stayed at a hotel not too far from the entrance of the park, but spent most of our time hiking the trails. Bryce Canyon is beautiful red rock country, carved from limestone, dolomite, siltstone and mud-stone layers, that eroded away over millions of years. The view below is a panoramic image of Sunset Point.

Bryce Canyon is about a 4 hour drive, South of Salt Lake City and from Bryce Canyon, you can drive Highway 12, which offers views of Escalante and Kodachrome Basin State Park, as well as an Indian museum along the way. It makes for a good weekend getaway.

Sunset at the Great Salt Lake

Several years ago, I enjoyed daily trips to the Great Salt Lake; whether it was at Salt Air or Antelope Island State Park or up North to the Spiral Jetty – that all changed once I moved further away from the lake. Now, I’m lucky I’m there once a year. So, sometimes I like to revisit previous landscape images I’ve photographed, of the Great Salt Lake.

This one has been my personal favorite; I remember standing on the shore, being bit by gnats, trying to maneuver the tripod to get the right composition. And then, I waited. Back then, it was easier to anticipate what kind of sunset would come out of the clouds, so I often was rewarded with beautiful colors, like the one below.

The sun had just dipped below the clouds, creating rays of light to shoot up through the high clouds, then I noticed how the rocks were lit up. And, with a GND filter, I was able to capture this scene with a slightly smoother appearance of the water.

Every time I’ve ever shared this image with others, they told me they had never seen a sunset at the Great Salt Lake or had never seen it look so pretty before. If you ask local Utahan’s if they’ve visited the GSL, most of the responses would be a, No. It’s usually stinky in the summer and full of swarming mosquitoes, so most people avoid it like the plague.

It should be noted that the Great Salt Lake is like a hidden gem; you have to observe it closer to see it’s real beauty.

Alpen Glow over Hayden Peak

Mirror Lake Alpen Glow Sunset

Hayden Peak sits within the Uinta Mountains of Utah, along the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway – 50 miles of pure outdoors, surrounded by mountains and wildlife. It’s only open between May-September and is frequented by backpackers and campers. The scene above was photographed from Mirror Lake(the most popular lake along the byway).

That evening I almost lost my gear to the lake; I was setting up my camera and tripod and lost my footing in the rocks and the tripod went falling towards the water. Luckily, I regained my composure and caught the tripod before it went under.

This is one of my favorite shots; probably due to the fact that it was the first time I had camped at Mirror Lake. I’m sure if I were to camp there again, I’d find more compelling compositions.

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Lake Blanche First Winter

Almost 4 years ago I took my first trek up to Lake Blanche, which at 3 miles in, was a strenuous hike; By the time I made it back down the mountain, I couldn’t walk. However, the hike to the Lake was worth all the pain and it showed me that some of the most beautiful scenery is tucked away from all civilization.

Lake Blanche is located in the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, in the Twin Peaks Wilderness area.

This image remains one of my favorites of this location; due to the fact that it has snow, fall colors and grass in the lake. Sundial Peak stands alone in the background.

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