Black Chinned Hummingbird in July

In July 2015, I got the chance to photograph a Black Chinned Hummingbird, who also had a nest attached to a limb on a tree. I had gone on a walk at a local park and took a dirt trail through a small forested area, where I heard a buzzing noise. I looked around, but at first didn’t see anything, yet I kept hearing the buzzing. Finally, I saw the Hummingbird dart past me and perch onto a limb. I stayed nearby for about an hour, photographing it as it darted and perched. At one point, the Hummingbird had perched on a limb, where the light hit it just right, creating catch light in its eye and a chance for a sharp image.

Lake Blanche First Winter

Almost 4 years ago I took my first trek up to Lake Blanche, which at 3 miles in, was a strenuous hike; By the time I made it back down the mountain, I couldn’t walk. However, the hike to the Lake was worth all the pain and it showed me that some of the most beautiful scenery is tucked away from all civilization.

Lake Blanche is located in the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, in the Twin Peaks Wilderness area.

This image remains one of my favorites of this location; due to the fact that it has snow, fall colors and grass in the lake. Sundial Peak stands alone in the background.

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