My Favorite Long Tailed Weasel Picture

Back in December of 2012, while driving along the auto tour loop, at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, I saw something white dart across the dirt road. I slowly drove towards the spot I saw it and looked around. And, there it was. Standing up in the grass watching me in my vehicle. I took out my camera and lens, which back then, I was using a Canon 7D and the Tamron 70-300mm lens. I turned the car off and kept quiet, observing the Weasel as it darted back and forth between the grass. Eventually, it wandered out of a small clearing, close to the water, with a dead vole in it’s mouth.

I snapped off a few pictures and I guess the sound of the shutter scared the Weasel, so it took off to it’s hole in the ground. I have several other images of it, which can be seen in the¬†Weasel Gallery¬†. If you decide to take a look, the first 9 images are from that evening.

A Pair of Curious Red Fox Kits

in 2015 I went to the Uinta Mountains and got the chance to photograph a Red Fox family. I took my son along, who seemed thrilled at watching the youngsters playing; we sat in the sagebrush, a good ways from the foxes, so as to not disturb them. However, my son had to move from his spot on a rock, which caused the foxes to stop playing and look our direction to see what the noise was. They stared for a few moments before going back to playing, then later disappearing into the den.

This image has been well received and featured in an issue of Wild Planet Photo Magazine. It’s available for sale at my Fine Art America Shop.

Here’s an image of my son holding the image as a 12×18 framed print.


Red Fox in the Shadows

A while back, I visited an area in Northern Utah, known to have several Red Foxes and while I did find multiple Foxes, they were a bit too far away to get a decent picture of.

Well, I got lucky and saw this Adult Red Fox creep out from the forest and stand still for a moment(watching me in the distance), before disappearing the rest of the day.

Foxes are one of my favorite wildlife to observe and photograph. I have seen their family dynamics multiple times over the years and one thing I’ve learned… they are cautious, yet curious.

Red Fox Adult